Today, February 25, 2020, was Yako’s big day!

He was picked up today by his new family and his new four-legged friend. Yako hit it beautifully, because his new family is simply magical. They live very close by and therefore Yako was allowed to meet his new friend quite often on walks together.

Dear Yako we wish you a wonderful life, with your great people…and of course we will stay in touch.

His name is Yako, he is about 3,5 years old (04/2019) and neutered. Cat and dog compatible, but at the moment super scared…

Today two of them found each other: our newcomers, Amy and Yako. There a thick friendship develops. Yako was even more shy. Amy with her cheerful nature does him a lot of good and gives him back his zest for life.

She finds her new dog buddy sooo great.

Two incredibly charming dogs, who are now looking for a real home.

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Donna and Yako get along very well and are looking forward to the walk.
Yako and Amy