Berta and Theo

Berta and Theo

Berta and Theo

Two very nice but still quite scared dogs. They both come from an animal horder and up to now did not have a good life. Slowly they gain confidence.

We are looking for a home where they can stay together, as they love each other very much.

Age: 10 Jahre (years)

Breed: Beagle Mix + Ratero
Height: 40 cm
Gender: Female + Male
Location: Shelter Feliz Animal


Berta and Theo
berta without theo
theo without berta

Our seniors Theo and Berta come into a family together! Both are inseparable and can not be without the other, so only a common home could be considered.

Theo and Berta have lived here for many years in the shelter of Feliz Animal Andratx and now it’s time to spend their twilight years with a very nice lady in Germany. No more winter in the shelter, but a warm bed and a lot of love awaits them.

We are overjoyed for these two dear and old dogs. Many thanks to Sandra Engels for the pre-inspection. Everything was worth it!

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