Today (30.11.2022) I would like to send you a current photo of little Lucas, the blind old dog who is now with me. I think the before photo and the current photos speak for themselves, there is nothing to explain and no words are needed.

Lucas is a very dear little darling and he is very grateful. He enjoys the warmth, the good food, the attention and of course his cuddly dog bed.


This is little Lucas, 14 years old and blind. His owner died and the family does not want to take care of him and so he ended up in the Perrera, the poor guy.

Now he is out and in our veterinary clinic, because he has so many “construction sites”, since he has not visited a TA for many years. Tomorrow he will come to us, in the “blind corner” with Chispy and Milo, here in the house.

Such an old and blind dog cannot stay in the Perrera. Hopefully the two existing “pensioners” will be friendly to him and share their area with him, if not there will be announcements from his mistress. Muchas Gracias Xisca.

(as of 28.11.2022)



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