Nursing home wanted



Constantly we get Cat Children From the Street Or from dumpsters that are still too young or often too intimidating to be directly conveyed. For this Cat Children We search all year round Nursing postsWho can take care of one, two or three cat children for 6 – 8 weeks (of course we have already dewormed them and escaped them!).

You have Already Cats, dogs or even children? The more our cat children get to know the better!

Who wants one or two of these sweet Stubentigern Give his heart?



Time and again we take Dogs from the various local animal shelters in our house.

From Andratx May any dog come to us whose  Storage time of 3 weeks has expired!

In order to be able to better judge these animals in a family environment, it is best if they are up to their mediation on a Nursing Center Can remain.

Unfortunately we have too few of them here in Mallorca and also in Germany.

That is why we always welcome people who Dog Take time with you and thus pave the way for a relaxed new dog life.

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Pleas email us for an appointment.

Call Simply contact them and find out if this kind of help is right for you.

Nursing home wanted

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