Mediated dogs

Our animals who have already found a new home!

Not all animals are included in this list, overall we have found new homes for about  500 animals!


Mediated dogs


We were able to take Peggy from the local Perrera. She is a lively, friendly and playful dog. She gets along well with other dogs, is cuddly with people. Age 11 Months (2018) Breed Mix Height 55 cm / 42 kg Gender Female Location Shelter Feliz Animal  ...

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We were able to get Francis from Natura Parc, a trembling guy, he was getting thinner and thinner. He has settled in well, likes other dogs and especially his freshly cooked food to get him back to strength. It would be good for him to get into a family...

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Pepper is now a Finca dog on the island and enjoys it there.


Bobby lives with 2 little dachshunds together in Mallorca and everybody loves each other very much.


The senior Indi has pulled the won the lottery (so to say) and was allowed to move to the island on a great finca, where there are other senior dogs.


Lucky now lives with a very nice family in Germany. They had already made friends with him on the island. Everything’s gread in hin new home,


Benji has found a great home in Germany.


The long wait was worth it for Cora: her new owner had visited her before on the island and the decision for her well thought out, therefor everything’s working great.


The initially very frightened Cookie i sgetting more comfortable in his home on the island more and more and is veryhappy there.


Nala has found a good place in a great pack of dogs in the Hannover area.