Flight escort wanted

What does it mean be a “flight escort”?

We are finding new homes for about half of our dogs and cats on the island. The other half is adopted from Germany. Most go directly to their new homes, others are adopted over german animal chelters that support us. Since only very few people have the opportunity to take their animal form mallorca to germany themselfes, we need the support of other people which take these animals on their flight to germany. These people are called “flight escorts“.

Being a flight escort is quite simple: you just (preferably before your travel) tell us over Facebook or email that you would like to take a animal back to your country. Then we inform you with about 2 weeks in advance if we found an animal you can take for us.

Being a flight escort is quite simple: the best would be if you register before you start your holiday trip by sending us an email or at www.flugpate.com. If so, you generaly get informed about a week before your flight takes off, since our animals should fly ASAP after their adoption, it is not possible to inform you any longer that a week or two before your flight. The booking and payement of the animal are usualy taken care of the animal chelter you fly an animal for. For some arilines, the passenger must unfortunately himself login (eg Tuifly) – The costs incurred wukk be reimbursed at latest at the Palma airport in cash.

We bring the animal(s) in their air bag 7 box directly to your chech in where you abandon your luggage. We then bring the animal to a special check in. During this time you can go and have a cup of coffe or go shopping as usual. You will not see the animal until the airport in germany, however if you have an small animal to take into the cabin it will be in your care all the time.

Our dogs and cats are all microchipped, vaccinated, have their own EU pet passport and a current health stamp from the veterinarian saying that it is heathy. The pass which contains the address of the owner of the animal and an authority that you only take the new animal as a flight escort into thir new home, you will be handed at the check in alongside the Name + Telephone number of the collecto in case your flight has a delay for example.

After your arrival in Germany, you have to collect the Flightbox diagonally across from the normal luggage as the box is too big to fit on the luggage carousel. Then take the animal outside whre a person will be waiting to collect the animal. Please remember to give the pass to the perosn who will collect the animal.

The animal will be staying the whole time in the box so for people that are a bit scared or have allergies there is no problem to also be a flight escort.

And no worries: until now no flight escort didn’t have a person to give the animal to at the airport. However there where already flight escorts which adopted the animal in the end.

Flight escort
EU pet passport

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