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So who has a heart and can welcome a dog (or two) into their beautiful home?

Before you buy an animals from a store, a website or a breeder, please think of all the animals desperately waiting for a new home at the shelter. Maybe your animal is here which you share a ‘special connection’ with.

We rehome animals not only here in Mallorca but also abroad. They are all waiting for a new home.

They all yearn for a loving new ‘forever home’.

A rehomed dog will love you unconditionally, adore you, and is infinitely grateful to you for giving them that second chance.

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Donations via Paypal

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Dogs of Feliz Animal Andratx


Berti ist wohl ungefähr 8 Jahre alt (04/2019), jetzt kastriert. Wie man sieht ein Ratero und bisher gut verträglich.

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Gloria kam Anfang September 2018 zu uns aus einer Tötungsstation. Sie war am Ende, abgemagert bis auf die Knochen und es hieß sie hätte ihre Babys verloren, sie war psychisch am Ende. Fakt war, sie hatte ihre Babys noch im Bauch. Gloria war extrem...

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To our seniors

So... can you help!

For an annual donation you can join the “Happy Animal Association” for €50.00.

We also really appreciate one-time donations, food donations, medical donations and drop-off donations like blankets, cages and transport cages. They all really help.

Anyone who travels from the island to Germany can help by providing themselves as a flight escort.

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