About us

We all work without salary.

Which means that all donations will be used exclusively for the benefit of the animals.

Our daily work consists of:

  • Taking abandoned and homeless animals in our care.
  • The acceptance of animals rendered to us.
  • The neutering and medical care of stray cats, and continuous care of them.
  • Taking over animals from the municipal collection point for animals in Andratx, so they are rescued from being killed.
  • Education work in schools and sensible campaign’s in public media, so that domestic animals have a chance to be treated in an educated manner.
  • Finding new owners for all animals, and also control before and after leaving the animal to the new owners.
  • All animals are examined by a veterinary before, tested, vaccinated, and will be delivered with a passport should they have to travel abroad.
  • Veterinary care of sick animals, castrations, vaccinations and operations.



So... can you help!

For an annual donation you can join the “Happy Animal Association” for €50.00.

We also really appreciate one-time donations, food donations, medical donations and drop-off donations like blankets, cages and transport cages. They all really help.

Anyone who travels from the island to Germany can help by providing themselves as a flight escort.



Visiting hours

Monday to Friday 9h-12:00h
Pleas email us for an appointment.


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