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Tierschutzverein - Animal welfare - Proteccion de animales

Feliz Animal Andratx welcomes you.

Are you planning on getting a pet? Please do not run to the breeder, there are so many lovely dogs and cats looking for a new home.

Give them a chance.

Left behind, abandoned, sick – that’s how many animals in Mallorca feel – we help these animals, whether dog or cat.

Come to us and a little treasure is certainly there for you, waiting for a new home, he will thank you for it.

Visiting hours

Monday to Friday 9h-12:00h
Pleas email us for an appointment.

We would like to introduce our animal shelter to you!

We would like to invite you to visit the animals here.

Your team from Feliz Animal Andratx.

Donations via Paypal

Please press the button "Spenden" (Donate) for your donation.

Donations via Paypal

Monthly payment:

that you exist!

(c) Foto Andrea Melcher

Our current emergency – Zeus

Zeus was delivered to the killing station at the age of eight years, because his master had died.

He was covered with tumors and would not have survived in the killing station without help, so we took him in.

In two big OP’s all of them could be removed and he is now in the healing process. It was extensive and expensive surgery,but he’s a vital person…

Zeus is recovering well and has gained a lot of vitality. It will take some time until all wounds are healed, but then he will hopefully get a good home…

We are always happy about: 

  • (Wool) blankets and pillows (no feather filling please!)
  • Old bath and hand towels, bed linen, washcloths, seat covers, etc.
  • Disinfectant for the hands: “Sterilium
We are always happy about:

  • Plastic funnel for our freshly operated dogs (sizes: medium, very large, extra long)
  • Flight boxes for dogs (all sizes)
  • dog toy
  • Dog kennels for the enclosures and runs
    Sturdy food and drinking bowls for dogs
We are always happy about: 

  • Sturdy food and drinking bowls for cats
  • Transport boxes for cats
  • Cat toys
  • Cat scratching posts
Donna und Yako
Donna und Yako
Donna und Yako, zwei ganz tolle Hunde suchen ein Zuhause.
Our dog kennels were extended and partly covered.

Our donation boxes

Donation boxes


If you click here and order you help the animals. Click this button to order at amazon.de and "Feliz Animal Andratx" will get a small commission. Thanks a lot!

Please support our work
through a donation or sponsorship.

New animals that need us come every day, but our means are very limited, as our work is financed exclusively by private donations.

Please help us so that we can help the animals and give them a better life.

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Animal sponsors

Foster home wanted

We are looking for foster homes for these kittens all year round.

We always welcome people who take a dog with them for a limited period of time.

Flight sponsor wanted

We mediate animals not only in Mallorca, but also abroad. But animals cannot fly alone, so we need so-called flight godfathers, who take these animals on their flight.

Your donation saves lives!

One-time monetary donations, food donations, donations in kind such as blankets, cages or transport boxes help.

Feliz Animal Andratx



So... can you help!

For an annual donation you can join the “Happy Animal Association” for €50.00.

We also really appreciate one-time donations, food donations, medical donations and drop-off donations like blankets, cages and transport cages. They all really help.

Anyone who travels from the island to Germany can help by providing themselves as a flight escort.