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About us

We all work without salary, which means that all donations will be used exclusively for the benefit of the animals. Therefore we are a non profit or personal funding organisation because for us the animals are always more important.

Our daily work consists of

  • Taking abandoned and homeless animals in our care
  • The acceptance of animals rendered to us
  • The neutering and medical care of stray cats, and continuous care of them
  • Taking over animals from the municipal collection point for animals in Andratx, so they are rescued from being killed
  • Education work in schools and sensible campaign's in public media, so that domestic animals have a chance to be treated in an educated manner
  • Finding new owners for all animals, and also control before and after leaving the animal to the new owners All animals are examined by a veterinary before, tested, vaccinated, and will be delivered with a passport should they have to travel abroad
  • Veterinary care of sick animals, castrations, vaccinations and operations.
If you click here and order something you help the animals, because we get a small commission. Thank you!
We don't only find new homes for animals on Mallorca, but aslo in other countries. However animals cannot fly alone to these countries, so we need what we call "Flight escorts", which take the animals with them on their flight. For more info click above.

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