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Payment options:

At any time we need all kinds of donated items... Please contact us, if you want to support us!

Here comes a list with always needed things:

Animal nutrition:

  • Dry- and canned food for dogs and cats.
  • Special dry food for puppies and kittens.
  • Dry milk powder for kittens.
  • Baby food in glasses (like “chicken with rice”/”vegetables”)- for our kittens.
  • Vitamin drugs, Vitaminpaste.

We are always happy about:

  • Plastic cones for our dogs who received surgery. (Sizes: medium, very big, extra long)
  • Transport boxes for cats
  • Travel kennels for dogs (all sizes)
  • (Wollen-) blankets and pillows (please no featherbed!)
  • old towels all kinds, bedspreads, wash towels, cushions, etc.
  • Solid feeding dishes for dogs and cats.
  • Desinfection liquid for the hands: “Sterilium”
  • Dog toys
  • Cat toys
  • Scratching trees for cats
  • Dog houses for the dog yards.
Here are two ways to donate money direcktly for our animals:
Donate via Paypal Donate direktly to our bank account

Payment options:

Account-holder: Feliz Animal Andratx
Account-number: 0081-1553-52-0001020707
Bank: Banc Sabadell AV Juan Carlos 1, 27 07150 Andratx
IBAN: ES4800811553520001020707
BIC/Swiftcode: BSAB ESBB
If you click here and order something you help the animals, because we get a small commission. Thank you!
We don't only find new homes for animals on Mallorca, but aslo in other countries. However animals cannot fly alone to these countries, so we need what we call "Flight escorts", which take the animals with them on their flight. For more info click above.

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