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A second life

Animal protectors rescued „Betty“ out of a animal killing station. Nowadays she is therapy dog for little Adrian.
Mallorca Magazin 23/2012 Gesellschaft
29 07/06/2012
by Susanne Petersen

Actually Bettys life was to end at March, 25th, after 21 days the one year old Labrador-mixture was listed to be killed in one of the many „Perreras“ at Majorca.

But this one had an agreement with „Feliz Animal Andratx“, an animal protection association. At the date of killing the animal protectors get note to beware one or the other dog of this fate if ever possible. All of them cannot be saved, chairwoman Karin Fleischhauer confesses, even if many members of the association host the saved animals in their homes until they find new ones, in case the capacity of the „Feliz-Animal“-Finca being exhausted once more.
She-dog Betty had given up after 21 days of suffering in a much too narrow kennel: She did not drink and eat any more, lay apathically and haggard in a corner.
The animal protectors took the trembling bundle sordidness to the finca – nowadays Betty donates new joy of life to a little severely disabled boy – and with him his whole family. Adrian, so the name of the five year old goldylocks, cannot walk, not talk, not eat so he is nourished by a stomach tube.
During the gravity his body was not supported with enough oxygen, the boy was born with heavy brain damages.
By the experiences of an animal therapist his parents had the idea to give Adrian a therapy dog for compagnionship and support, but the education of such an animal is very expensive, as they learned to know. At their quest for an alternative the parents came in Internet to „Feliz Animal“, a personal contact with Karin Elsner-Fleischhauer, who has her second home just a few miles off from the home of Adrian and his parents, did the rest.

For roundabout two month Betty lives now with her family near Lüdinghausen: „When she saw Adrian first time, she lay both paws on his wheelchair and welcomed him gusty.“ Karin Elsner-Fleischhauer remembers. „And the little boy beamed with joy all over his face. Before Betty Adrian became help already by the trained Labrador therapy dog „Queenie“, who visited him together with an animal therapist twice a week. „ One who knows Adrian, may recognize by his gaze and his gestics, how much he flourishes and enjoys, as soon as Queenie is with him.“
There came the idea of the family from to go for an own therapy dog for the son. But: How to raise the 20 000,-- Euro for the training?

And then Betty came. After several back talks with „Feliz Animal“ and the animal therapist it was sure: Betty is the right one. Nowadays the Labrador she-dog learns much from the „old stager“ Queenie: „She even can bring stockings for Adrian.“ The training is „typical doglike“: „A treat at Adrians lap, and up it goes“. Even if Betty is still a rather wildchild: Not only Adrian is enjoyed by the new family member: His two sisters too are happy with the family gain. And Betty, formerly bought as a „Christmas present“ and then outsourced, has got a new life not only herself. She did donate one too.

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